About Rocolex

What is Rocolex?

One day, a younger member of the human race demonstrated a game they had been taught in school. It was kinda fun. It consisted of little peices of paper with numbers on them, cut out into squares and arranged in a grid. "You have to get the highest score" they said.

It was fun and strategic, and amazingly nothing existed online or in any search. So a new project to create the online version of Rocolex began.

How to Play?

Just take turns picking numbers from the board. One Player chooses from the Columns, while the other chooses from the Rows. You'll want to pick the highest number possible, but look out for what your opponent might do, sometimes a lower score now will lead to a better result later.

The game is finished when no other choices are available to pick.


Typically the game is played without displaying your score, its upto you to keep this in mind when taking your turns. For convienience, and to allow everyone to play, the online verison will allow to to see your score as you go.


We very much hop you enjoy Rocolex.

Fungusware and the Rocolex Team